Transformers Invasion Short Video

Hi everyone I’m new here and wanted to post this project of mine up. It’s been 11 months in the making, over half that time went to rendering and problem solving. Started back in February with modeling and rough planning. Animating and rendering started in late March each scene was made and rendered in order untill Mid November sound editing was a little tricky I didn’t get all the sounds I wanted so I put in as many as I could. Final video assembly was on 12-15-13. There are a few scenes where the particle systems absolutely refused to work no matter what I did so not all the smoke worked all the time. The most noticeable is when Silverstreak gets shot, the explosion worked in one scene and not in the following. I spent a good week trying everything I knew to fix it only to fail everytime. I do apologize for that, I would have liked to have made it longer. Made with Blender, sound editing was done with Audacity and final video assembly with Windows Vista movie maker.

This is my second attempt at anything on this scale and I’m still learning so advice, opinions and criticism are always welcome.

Thank you for watching!

Back story: Megatron has brought an army of clone soldiers to claim the Earth and it’s resources for himself. The Autobots being few in numbers separate into small teams to fight them off as best they can. Silverstreak already fatigued from a previous battle learns a neighboring city is also being attacked and decides to break off from his team and engage the clones by himself.

Teaser Trailer

Final video

Amazing job thumbs up

That was pretty good. No dialogue but I felt like the trailer really didn’t capture my attention.