​​​​​​​TRANSITION is a project that I started a year ago to learn Blender .
It was inspired by the streets of Tokyo and the streets of Bulaq Dakror where I live in Egypt .

The whole project was rendered in EEVEE, because my laptop has low specs .

I had to fake emissions by placing light objects in front of neon signs and lamps in order to make it look as if there is global illumination .

Texturing was a challenging proccess and because I had over 300 different textures I had to cut corners by reducing textures as much as I can
so I started reusing some texures with different nodes to give different looks .

Although the project took me about a year on and off, I was fortunate enough
that Blender made some important updates like the seperate
volumetrics option for each light object .

Also being able to put one collection into the other made a great impact on the overall workflow​​​​​​​ .

This is my first time posting here and I appreciate your support .

Full Project :


Love this scene, and congratulations for getting to the finish line after such a long time!


Thanks I really appreciate it

excellent work. bravo 3aleik

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Can you share the eevee render settings (maybe a screenshot or something) I can’t get the lighting right on one of my scenes


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thx Shokran

Wow!, Thanks


Notice that I faked emissions by putting light objects near the neon signs and lamps with the same color of the emission material