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hi, i can’t do nothing to select the vertices from the circle in blender 2.79.any idea? thank you.or a tutorial with flange in this version? thank you

You have converted smaller circle to curve already (Alt-C)
If this is a curve L key will select the rest of the points.

You had to create a smaller Mesh circle (not a Curve) while 3d cursor was at Center; in edit mode move circle vertices along X and use Spin tool from TopOrtho view as you are in right now. On Spin tool’s options set 360 deg rotation check Dupli and set Steps to how many holes you want.
In object mode convert this object and big circle to Curves - Alt-C, set curve properties to 2D for both and join curves by Shift select and Ctrl-J.
In theory you should get big circle filled and small circles should turn into holes however not always this happens correctly - might take some experimentation with vertices amount for created Circles; set more for a big circle, much less for a smaller one.
Created shape is still a Curve - for further modeling you would want a mesh so you need Alt-C.
Resulting mesh looks terrible - you’d need to extrude and scale additional rings around the holes and outer ring. Now you can add Solidify modifier and adjust thickness of the flange.

Blender’s version is irrelevant for this work- any above 2.6 should work.

i try it something to do after your advice. if i Extrude in Edit Mode, i can’t Modify in it and even the curves, so i must --i think-- to ALT+C to Mesh and so i’m allowed to Modify.

What i’m doing wrong? can you do for all of us a tutorial,please?

Here is a quickie, hope helps

And a video, closer to the subject. My apologies, not using video editing much.