transorm modal shortcut keys: axis constraints

Is it possible to change the x, y, z axis constraints to different keys? I can’t find an entry for them in the prefs.

Trying this again…

No you can’t change them in the user preferences

I suppose its too embedded to change with a python script?

if you modify the source code you could change anything you wanted

Resolved this a while ago, just thought I’d update the thread in case anyone else is curious…

The entries for the modal axis keys are at the bottom of the ‘Input’ tab of User Preferences (Alt+Ctrl+U)
These shortcuts allow you to constrain along an axis while moving, rotating or scaling

orientation x axis
orientation y axis
orientation z axis
orientation x plane
orientation y plane
orientation z plane

You have to add a new entry - click ‘Add New’ and click the blank menu dropdown on the new shortcut entry.

i was also looking for remaping this because when scaling in UV ( Modal Map )
im having always trouble or i feel working slow when scaling
because X and Y i find them far from one another now i can remap them

i wonder when they did added this function
Thank you for sharing information

So if there are options for these, why aren’t the keys set by default? This makes no sense. At least default values should be added so they show up when you search for keybindings.

Anyway, thanks, this will make my life a whole lot easier.

Thank you for sharing this! this is useful for me.