transparencies problem

how can i fix this? i want to make a grass field for my game, but the transparencies of the grass planes looks weird

nevermind, i changed the alpha blending mode to alpha clip, and it fixed

One thing I learned is that transparent planes in Blender cannot share the same origin point. I used to have everything’s center set at 0,0,0 to make placement easier.

This is not a good idea. The mesh origin should have a relation to the mesh itself. It is used for several different purposes:

  • center of mass
  • object position
  • aplha sorting z position

That you get transparency problems with alpha sort is pretty natural as the sorting relies on it too.

Object place,ent is easier if you defone some rules and keep your object consistent. E.g. The origin is at the bottom center of an object. The width fills a complete BU to form connectable parts…