Transparency broken in 2.91?


I was following a tutorial on youtube for importing characters from character creator 3 into blender and setting them up for rigging and a little bit of tweak for the materials to render correctly.

I followed this tutorial a couple of times before and worked fine but for some reason it wasn’t working for me now and after searching everywhere for settings (alpha blend mode, eevee vs cycles, replacing alpha texture image for values, checking export options in CC3…) I couldn’t find anything that would solve my problem and the textures would never show transparency.

So I decided to reinstall Blender 2.83 and 2.90 again and do the same procedure and it worked fine there, so I’m wondering if something went wrong with the update and importing textures with alpha information from CC3 into Blender 2.91 isn’t working anymore or if it might have something to do with some add-on? Is anyone having this issue too?

It’s working fine for me. Seeing the mats (and textures, if used) might help people troubleshoot your problem.

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Same here with the latest update as well as using the new texture creation addon…Cycles or Eevee… but for Eevee, you still have to change the blend mode…like always. Also on export, you should go back into it and make sure it grabs all the textures…I found it skipped a lot when having them Baked into the FBX…
Import add a couple of lights and rendered…

and cycles…

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Thanks for the answers, at the end it was just that when exporting my character from CC3 into blender the alpha textures were connected through the alpha output instead of the color one, now it’s working fine for me as well :slight_smile: