Transparency Effecting Mist In GE

Hi I am working on an underwater game, and i am having a problem with using a texture with alpha set to add to simulate bubbles in the scene.

When the bubbles are not in the view of the camera the mist is unaffected however when the bubbles are visible the mist brightens considerably.

Please help

The mist is calculated from a depth map, which is unaffected by alpha. The best solution is to put the “bubbles” object on an overlay scene; this will not affect the mist.

Hi I can see a problem with that, I need the bubbles to appear behind objects and be stationary relative to the position of a moving camera.
Thanks for your reply :smiley:

In that case there is not much you can do except make the bubbles 3D. Use little UVSpheres with 8 segments instead of 32. They will still brighten stuff behind them, but not in between them.