Transparency in 2.8

To get an object in sculpt mode to be transparent in 2.8, I was doing this:

Set Viewport Shading to Solid (Icon to the right of the wireframe icon). Click the Object. Go to Material Properties. Click ‘New’. Scroll down to Viewport Display & click Color. Adjust the ‘A’ (which stands for Alpha) value.

It was working great, again and again until I couldn’t get it to work again. Some global setting must have changed. Any suggestions about what I’m doing wrong?

Maybe you changed the Viewport Shading color to something else than material, in the dropdown near the “Rendered” bubble.

I wasn’t sure at first what you meant. I found that changing from Sculpting to Shading cured it. image

I dug deeper based on what you said and think that this is it.

If I use anything else as a shader, like a matcap, will transparency not work?

Many thanks for a solution.

Yes, it won’t work, because you change the transparency in the material so you have to tell the viewport to actually use that transparent material. I’m glad it helped!