Transparency in 3D view


I would like, when I am editing a mesh in 3D view, to have all elements rendered with some kind of transparency. More particularly, I would like to be able to see a background image when I am using the retopo tool to place points accurately.

Either the base object completely obstruct the view (left), or I am using wire view and the density is of wires is too dense to work with the background image (right). Can somebody help ?

Thanks !


Press F7 and find the Xray button, that might what you want. You have to have the object selected for it to work though.


Having backround image in use and working in Edit we can click Z and make mesh transparent but
as I understand you need to have SEMI-transparent mesh in Obejct mode (for Solid or Textured viewports) to be able to look through it to see background image. Right?

In other words the idea is to have semi-transparend object in Object and Sculpt modes to look trough it and see background pic.

This is great feature and some time ago I tried to find it for sculpting purpose. But with no luck…

Does anyone know how to archive this ?


It is getting worse as retopo is only working when the object is set to shaded, and not in “wire” Drawtype…

Is any body using retopo with reference pics ???

OK retopo uses the Zbuffer, no wire then. If only transparency was possible…