Transparency issues in HTML

Hi guys!
I’m working on a project right now with Blender, in which i have to export blender models in either X3D or OBJ format and later on visualize it in HTML. The problem is, that in HTML the materials in which i used transparency cannot be seen and i don’t know why.
I’d really appreciate if someon could help me with this, 'cause I’m pretty much stuck right now.

In the Materials tab for the object with transparency:

  • Check Transparency
  • Z Transparency
  • Alpha = 1.000

Alpha set to 1 makes material opaque imho. This is how i see exported x3d file:

If you want to see the non-transparent portion of the texture, Alpha must be 1, else everything will be transparent.

…but there are many other factors that could be at play here. Post a .blend with packed textures and someone will be able to give the definitive answer.

From the

This script exports to X3D format.

Run this script from “File->Export” menu. A pop-up will ask whether you
want to export only selected or all relevant objects.

Known issues:
Doesn’t handle multiple materials (don’t use material indices);<br>
Doesn’t handle multiple UV textures on a single mesh (create a mesh for each texture);<br>
Can’t get the texture array associated with material * not the UV ones;