Transparency Issues

Hi. i’m trying to model some poly hair : got it UV’d etc and scribble a rough try-out texture as a PNG w/ transparency. this was just done using an airbrush in Photoshop etc. got a couple issues though ;
firstly, in Textured view, the majority of the transparency is ok, but the hair stranda had a black fringe/halo around them - what’s causing this and how do i fix it? i thought it might be a not-100% transparency issue caused by the PShop airbrushing but i don’t know why that would turn black rather than not-100% transparent. i’ll add that the black is when i’m not on the hair layer - when i am on the hair layer i get a white halo.

my other issue is, how do i look at this Rendered? Textured view has some harsh lighting, but Rendered doesn’t show the texture. i’m using Blender Render - another tute said to use the GLSL setting but that didn’t help. i’m trying to avoid Cycles cos my puter’s a bit weedy.


think the issue might be due to me duping the strips of hair? i thought they’d be a dupe using the same UV but i think that’s Linked Dupes instead, not sure as i tried Alt-D to check but i couldn’t get it to work.

You get similar effects from partially transparent pixels with a different background color. You can turn down clip alpha in user preferences->system and it should make the problem less.

thanks, i’ll look into that.

I applied material emission on path to create lightning in blender render and it worked fine with sky background, but it’s not working when I set shading to transparent. I want lightning effect without any background in blender render, so that I can use that in any game. Plz help!! :yes: