Transparency with OSA issues


Im making a model of a car and have just noticed that when rendered the windows aquire a new white outline - this is when rendered with OSA turned on and using the ZTransp option.

Ive tried turning off the OSA and the problem goes away, ofcourse everything seems awfully rough

I managed to get past this by using Ray Transp option instead, however I dont really want to use this as it would mean playing around with the settings and I dont really get how fresnel value works.

The pictures of all 3 cases are below
if it doesnt show -->

Is there any way around this that anyone would know of?


i could be wrong as you haven’t posted a wire frame but if the edges of the door and the window are 100% identical then blender could be using a double texture to show the image.

No, I dont think thats it - the window goes into the door and ive put one of those rubbery outline things around it aswell to hide any gaps that there might still be.

It no big deal really guess Ill just use Ray-Transp - but this sort of thing has happened to me before and I would like to know how to avoid it :-?