Transparent colored noise over material

Hi all, I’m trying to achieve a simple thing but breaking my head over the last part of it. I’m trying to place colored noise (with transparency) over a material, preferably with all the options you have when adding RGB (darken, overlay, devide, etc.).

The first image is the colored noise, with everything that is not green set to transparency. I’ve gotten this far. The second image is the where the noise should go on top of. The third image is the desired effect; the green noise on top of the blue base (image is made with photoshop), which I can’t seem to work out. A mix shader will also make the parts of the blue object transparent; which should not happen.

Also; how can I treat this green noise as RGB, so that I can add this green noise on top of the blue object with the mix-RGB options (darken, overlay, devide, etc.). This example is a test for a toon texture.

Thanks for all your input!!

Hi! If transparency of the object itself is not you goal than you don’t need to touch Transparent Shader at all.

If you’re just trying to use Layers then all you need is MixRGB node:

  • Color1 and Color2 are RGB inputs (set them to blue and green, or input RGB or Image nodes);
  • Factor input is where you put Black and White image that tells you how/where to mix second color on top of the first (B&W Noise in this case, coming from that ColorRamp).

This will take care of the color. If on top of that you do need the transparency for your object it can be achieved as a separate task.

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Works like a charm, thank you so much!! Indeed, I was trying to layer the two colors, but got astray thinking of “keying” the background of the noise-texture, like one would in video postproduction. But this makes sense, I tried it out and it works perfectly!! Thanks for your time and looking into this question.