Transparent Guy

Okay well this is my first real go at blender, I bought the blender book a month or so a go and now I’m trying to get this stuff working :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’ve ran into some problems that I haven’t been able to work out.
full size

Can anyone help me get refraction and caustics going here? I’m using yafray and I have two lights. One is a lamp, and the other is a photon light. I’ve also tried tweaking many settings and searching for help, but nothing seemed to work.

One other question I had was in the full version the edges look a little wobbly on the guy, is there anyway to fix that?

Anyway thanks for any help, and I’ve been a long time lurker here. I hope I can learn some stuff and hopefully give a bit back :slight_smile:

had the same problem…poress f10 and you will be able to see “ray” button, click it.
(if you already did that…i have no idea

Many things that could be involved. What Yafray GI method are you using? you should have Full or Skydome. What quality? I’d go with Medium or higher. What is the Raydepth? It’s in the same Yafray panel that has the AA settings… but I forget the name of the panel?
What are the caustic depths? What is the blurring amount of the photon lamp? I’d go with anything > 0.1, but you may like otherwise. Are you using RayTransp (Ray-traced transparency?) or Ztransp?
Are you using Yafray as your renderer?

Well, thanks for the replies, unforutnately I’m still getting pretty much the same image. I believe I’m using raytracing where ever possible and I am using yafray for rendering. I’m using Full for GI and Best. The raydepth is 5 CDepths is 3, but I also have caustic depths set to 5 for the photon lamp. I did try setting the blurring to .5 but that still did not help. And I am using RayTransp.

Though I just noticed my object is not actually transparent to its self, just the background. There should be some visisble internals around the arms, so I wonder if my material settings are correct, even though I’ve been messing with them as well. Anyways if I can figure this out I’ll get back here with the fix in case anyone else has this problem.

Anyone have any other ideas?


What’s the alpha value of the man’s materials? for yafray, the alpha should be close to 0.

Well i’ve tried it with alpha 0 and still doesn’t help though I think it makes a nicer image as far as the guy.