Transparent/Invisible Material?

I’m trying to make some clouds on this planet, (and I am a little noobish at blender) so I have no idea how I would make everything but the clouds transparent/invisible. I have looked all over the internet an was unable to find anything on this.

Round 4:50 he gets into making clouds, around 5:20 he works with the color ramp and transparent which should help with your question.

the only problem for me is that the black never actually goes transparent. Is there any chance there is a difference between the version the video is using and 2.8?

I used (part of) that tut with 2.81 to make these clouds and it worked:

Heres my Nodes for the clouds:

Once difference between your (posted) nodes and his is that your plugging into the Pricable BSDF shader first and not strait into the Matrial Output. Im new to Blender so the following is a guess, but i would think pluging into the color input of the Pricable sharder it is doing just that, taking the color (black and white in your case) and displaying that, again, thats just a guess.

I figured it out. I looked at some Earth tutorial on YouTube, and he mentioned that you have to set your blend mode to anything but opaque. Here is my result.

Thanks for your help!