Transparent Rim Light Effect

(romulojordao) #1

Hey guys,

I need to do a material configuration similar to this:

the biggest problem I’m having is that when I do an effect of xray giving mix with transparent, emission, etc, I’m losing the 3d silhouette of the object.

Other problem is i need the middle more transparent then corners, giving some rim effect and preserving the silhouette of the model.

Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

(richardvdoost) #2

I’m currently working on a project with similar materials, I suppose you are using cycles?

If you use cycles it’s pretty simple, you mix a transparent shader with an emission shader. Finally plug a ‘layer weight’ into the factor, use either the fresnel or facing value based on your liking.

Then you can do some more tweaking with math nodes if necessary

(romulojordao) #3

Thanks Richard. The base of my materials are exactly this, im tweaking to see if i achieve a setup that i like.

This is my node setup so far:

The result is good, but i want improve more.

(Photox) #4

Here’s my simple nodes:

(romulojordao) #5

Thanks man, i will try this configuration and try to improve what i have so far.

I really appreciate :slight_smile:

(RickyBlender) #6

tried it in post 3
and I had to remove the second emission on bottom to get this

happy cycles

(Photox) #7

Ricky, you took my tooth!

*image from “The Hangover” movie.
If you have not seen it, go watch it right now.

(richardvdoost) #8

Keep it simple :wink:

(Photox) #9

That is the basic setup.

(romulojordao) #10

Thanks guys, im still testing to see what effect i will use. Your aproache is good too blenderallday, im testing if match what i want.

(romulojordao) #11

Hey guys, im back again with this post.
I already did the outisde material (the blue one), but im not achieving the orange…
I tried to use the same, but not work. The orange has some reflection inside (i think is glossy) while the blue is only a transparent effect with some rim light outside.

Can someone help?
Thanks :slight_smile: