Transplant a Head onto a Body

So I’ve got two .onj files. One’s a head (and neck) and one’s a body (with a head on it).

I want to take the head off the body and put on the new one. Is there anyway to do this quickly and painlessly?

I havn’t been using Blender long (about 3 weeks) so a tutorial would be nice :slight_smile:

I think you mean .obj file?

if you do - you can import them into a file
with File >Import > (obj)
and navigate to your obj file

the object probably won’t appear straight away
if it doesn’t - add a new object (say a cube) and then click on the arrows next the the ME:
(in the edit buttons) and change it to your new object

good luck

Damn typos…

XD - thanks for replying but I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough - I’ve been doing that a lot today…

I need to know how I can delete the head on the whole model (so the full human with the head) and replace it with the other head model.

I’ve included a rough diagram of what I want to do.


Are the topologies of the two separate meshes similar? If so, it should be easy … if not, it’s just a bit more work.

In Edit mode, select the vertices making up the head you want to remove, and delete them. Then select both meshes in Object mode, and use [Ctrl+J] to join them. Now back in Edit mode, attach the vertices at some point on the neck.


1 last question, is there an easy way to delete the vertices. I tried and each time it just deletes them in patches and leaves a few behind.

In edit mode, select wireframe for your draw type, then use box select (B) to select the vertice you want to delete.

you can also toggle the “occlude background geometry button”
(that way you can do this in solid mode)

it’s the cube looking button next to the face select mode button

BTW, that pic is kinda skeery…


Would this method also work in reverse? (Putting a head from a full body onto a headless body)

Yes, the order doesn’t usually matter.

Unless you have modifiers on one object that you want to keep, as opposed to the other objects’ modifiers. Every object merged to another object has it’s modifiers replaced with the “active” object’s modifiers (the last object selected).

And you would also to want to re-parent or re-weight your mesh, if there’s an armature involved.

K, Cool, Done that, now my texture for the head is messing up as the original model had the head and body all in one texture and the new body has a different shape and texture that I wanna keep, for the torso only, Any advice on how to fix the texture without having to completely redraw and reset the head texture? (By The Way, I Should’ve mentioned that I’m still a 3d animation and modeling noob, I’m actually tryna pick up some general 3d animation and modeling skills because it interests me.)

Not 100% sure, but I think these top search results should help with your UV issue:
blender + fix + uv + after + joining