This is my first serious art work using Blender.
I think I’ve learn enough to fulfil it by now :smiley:

It’s been about 2 months, I think, of very discontinous workflow.

This was the first I modelled:
It’s rigged, so the ‘snake’ is articulated and the claw is as well. Using curves just sounds like too much of an unneccesary pain.

Lately I’ve been working on this, wich is about to be finished:

And after finishing that, I got to keep working on the main character :slight_smile:

Any C&C from you would be very appreciated.

Looks good so far!

Hmm…maybe make the red eye thing of the snake light up or something…

Other than that, great job so far. I really like the second pic. And with it rigged, maybe an animation will come out of this? Either way, it’ll be cool.

Thanks both :smiley:
I was thinking I’ll use nodes to make it glow a little bit, the red part.