Traveler's Haven

Well, I’ve just finished another project that has been on hold for a while. I did the bed, coat, lamp, and other smaller models first and then began arranging them in a scene when I realized that I would have to make it simpler to making test rendering realistic. So, I changed a few things and did a test render (so the settings aren’t maxed out) and it took 43 hours to render in Blender Internal :eek:. So I decided that that was enough. I did some post pro in the gimp and here it is. It’s supposed to have a dark look to it, with vibrant colors and portray the resting place that every weary traveler needs…

REMEMBER: I wasn’t going for a realistic look, but more of a fantasy, epic, vibrant look. So keep that in mind as you view it :).

Your comments are appreciated, but this project has been set to rest. :slight_smile:

awesome stuff!
sweet 'shrooms too :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work.
Cool light setup, it makes the pic more interesting.
43 hrs in BI? What would make it take so long?

Thanks. I think part of the long render time it is that i used a few area lights with rayshadows, plus the AO set to around 12 and the grass and subsurfacing of basically everything. It did seem ridiculously long to me too though.

Has a very nice fantasy feel to it. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at, thank you for showing us this great render!

What can I say that the others haven’t? It is truly beautiful and serene.

Its kinda windy to sleep at the sea, especially at night :slight_smile:
Very nice work, Crititrozoz…very nice work.

Now that’s what i like to see, something creative!
i like that you used your imagianation, not just copyed something!
We need some more of these kind of renders on this forum!

great concept and execution! i wonder how long a radio render would take hehe

haha awesome

Woa, this is an unbelievable beautiful picture! The first look is breathtaking! It has an absolutely amazing fantasy-look to it! Like bein instantly drawn into this picture, into the world of this picture.

Although It is a bit hard to completely dive into the picture, and I guess this is due to the sky. It looks too unrealistic. Maybe you should put this into the WIP-Section and work a bit more on some specific details.

Coming to details: The level of details for the bed, the surrounding vegetation, the lamp and all that is amazing. What fascinates me most is this little burning flame at one of the bedposts. All these round, lengthy forms of the metal frame of the bed are beautiful. The top of the bottom left post (viewers point) and then the butterfly-wing-shaped topside of the bed! What an amazing beauty!

If I may ask: Is it ok for you if I use this picture as my desktop background?



For some reason i’m getting an elderscrolls oblivion vibe out of this, don’t know why. Looks sweet!

I like your ‘I went fishing’ alot better. But still very impressive.

Damn such a nice mood you have captured with your render, I really love it, exceptional
lighting there is :eyebrowlift:. Tim Burton Style if you ask me…

Bye, Olaf.

whoa. nice. I think the sky is totally cool. It is indeed unrealistic, but I like it like that. I like the lamp as well.

two thumbs up!

that tree is amazing!

gunnarstahl: yeah, feel free to use it as a desktop background.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

That’s excellent stuff man! Last time I saw it you were making the bed posts… It’s come a long way since then. The style is great, and textures and lighting really good. Perhaps a little more light wouldn’t hurt though. Also the character looks a tad small, but other than that this image gets 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Keep up your awesome stuff!

I think he meant for it to be that dark. Check out the paintings of el greco, or bosch, or breugal, and you will see similar use of shadows.

thats one cool image…amazing bed…the light bouncing off the quilt/bedsheet is just amazing…5 stars