Traveling through Red Giant

First part of modeling character to illustration for an very old Red Giant project.

Body parts such as hands will be added later.


some update

Looks promising! Keep it up.

Cool! I actually like the idea of a character with it’s face hidden under that huge hat. That creates tension! :slight_smile: Have you created the wrinkles in the coat (or however his clothings are called ;)) with the cloth modifier or are they sculpted? I guess the foldings could be more extreme in some places, their deepness looks a bit uniform on the very bottom.

Looks really cool. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks for feedback.
“Coat” is sculpted - however the bottom will be redesign slightly when I place model into environment.


1st environment attempt.

Looks good, but maybe a little lacking in composition and story? I guess its still hard to tell at this point, though.

small update:

some materials:

Reminds me of Kung Fu Panda a bit! :smiley:

It’s good to see this updated. I’m liking the lighting on this one.

More materials in higher res:

almost finish… i guess

Nice! Loving the dirt in his robe. Gives nice amount of realism.

Nicely done, I agree with @IconW the dirt in the robe gives it a great amount of realism, my only thing is that it took me a second to pick up his/her hands, the tones of the rock to the left is almost the same as the hand, hence loosing it giving the impression that the left sleve is floating and the hand disappears…same happens to the right hand, I loose it with the background mountains.
Other than the hands issue great job and very inspiring!!

Thank for feedback.
@tommy1441 I am already on it, as long some additional composition

awesome, love it :slight_smile:

Volumetric try - composite from BR halo spot light

Color grading and light setup change

cool lighting choice. It’s all taking shape very nicely.