Treasure Planet

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I am modeling the character Jim Hawkins from the animated movie Treasure Planet.
The idea would be to create a 3D animated short with Jim Hawkins on his “solar surf” as a tribute.

The work so far :

Some references :

Tell me what you guys thing so far :o

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That is pretty close! I don’t understand much about styled characters, but I feel that the hair has to be more crazy, more floating, and the eyebrow and the eye more relax, he has a look of confident, that yours hasn’t.

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Thank you for the feedbacks !
So yes the eyes were way too big ! I changed it.
About the hair and the eyebrows. They are temporary for now because they will be made with the hair/fur. But thanks for the observation, I will take into account :slight_smile:

Some evolution on the model…

HI…do you still have this module…like to put it in a game i’m developing