Treasures of the Deep Dwellers RPG

Interesting project - it looks very promising :slight_smile:

Right now I’m trying to decide on how to design the interface.
I want it to be simple and minimal, I’m thinking of going for a cracked stone texture, I don’t know if I’ll have single square tiles, or round plugs.

I’m leaning towards a mix of the two.
Here are some previews of the weapons as they may look in the inventory (not applied to the characters active slots) and some simple icons to show enemies.

I’m planning to have a journal which gets written up when you rest. The emeny portaits would be used for journal entries as well as for inventory headers when searching dead enemies, and also for targeting information.

The journal will add entries on fighting tips, monster weaknesses and rough stats as well as information about spells. I’m leaning towards the idea of making knowledge a stat and having the total of the party’s knowledge modify the chance of receiving a useful journal entry.

So a party with no mages or priests might get the following journal entry:

“We fought some Giant slugs. Aferwards we felt sick. Those things took a lot to kill.”

A different party, with high knowledge might get the following:

“There are Giant Yugosian Leeches in the dungeon! They are known for their paralysing bite, we will have to be careful. Their thick jelly-like flesh is nearly immune to clubs and maces and the lack of critical internal organs makes spears and arrows almost worthless… We’d better use swords and axes, also thick leather gloves and boots should protect us from the leech’s paralysing spit.”

Likewise a journal entry on a “Magic book with blue cover”:

“I found an old book, I think it’s magic. There are runes that look like water on the cover.”


“What a marvelous find! Tormian’s ice shards! I’ve read the book cover to cover, and found an apendix which details the effects of the spell. It creates a shere of cold energy which will shoot out a shower of deadly ice shards in a 45 degree cone, up to 10 meters. It will cause a lot of damage to enemies without armour, especially those vunerable to slashing or cold damage. Cloaks, capes, thick gloves and boots would be useful to protect against such a spell.”

The stats for weapons, monsters and spells won’t be on display for all to see. You’ll have to use your journal, and learn by experience. If you cast the spell in the book, what happens? Anyway, I’ve got lots of Ideas, but I’m not 100% sure about any of them yet. Just continuing to make stuff and roll on towards a time when i have a demo for people to test and give feedback on.

Some mock ups of user interface elements:


Nice ideas so far :slight_smile:

this project is rolling VERY fast

did you have some of this done already or are you doing it ‘on the fly’? and is anything on the ‘back end’ done as well?
And i think its great btw.

I have some prtotypes of the code for each needed element (navigation, procedural generation of dungeons, inventory, combat, spells etc…) but how they fit together depends on the overall mechanics of the game. I still have some descisions to make regarding spells, feats, monster stats etc… which will determin how the game ends up.

I’ve been developing my work flow for sometime now so that i can do a lot in a short time. It usually takes a single evening to make a monster for example. I’m hoping to get stuff put together for a demo in the not too distant future. :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on the models for the player. I’ve finished everything except for the male clothes/armour.

Here’s the female armour:

There are four types of armour: Clothes/robes, light armour, medium armour and heavy armour. I plan to use just a few types of object, but give them unique qualities. For example you could find some “warm” armour, or some “dirty” clothes, or a “sharp” spear or “tough” short sword. Weapons and armour will have a quality rating which can wear down during your adventure. you will need to replace it or repair it, though repair objects will be limited. I don’t want the layer to find the “best sword” and be stuck with that for the rest of the game. That would detract from the thrill of searching for new and better gear.

Also different types of weapons and armour have different profiles.
Armour is basically better at resisting physical damage if it is heavier. lighter armour may have some better resistance vs elemental damage such as cold.
Weapons come in three types:
Blunt weapons cause stamina damage as well as health damage which bypasses most armour, so a well armoured but weak enemy may be knocked unconsious, they are also good against some undead.
Slashing weapons do a lot of damage, but are easily stopped by heavy armour- use them on unarmoured foes. Finally piercing weapons are fairly good at getting through armour but cause little damage- They are a good all round weapon, but you are better using a specialist weapon if you can.

Wow, lots and lots of content, very intresting, I really liked it!!!

WOW…this is my dream goal haha…the amount of content is large indeed!!
keep it coming dude :smiley:
gratz so far!

Thanks for the praise. Because the game is low poly, and because it uses tex face and small textures it’s quick to make content for it.

If I used normal maps and reflective maps, it would take 3 times as long, if I used high poly it would take double the time, if I used high res textures it would take forever! :slight_smile:

I know my limits, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the project, so I’m not aiming for a next gen game, I just want to make a fun game anyone can play, even on an old laptop, or a tablet comuter.

Right now I’m working on weapons, here’s a preview of some of them:

There are 10 meshes for each weapon type, from old and rusty to masterwork and magical. When I randomly generate a weapon in game it will be randomly asigned a quality rating, which will decide it’s apearance.

smoking mirror, with your content, and depending on the camera position this can became next gen with a small effort because its allready excelent!

Your creativity and contents for this game are very great, as well as produced at quick rates!

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I’m looking for some criticism now to help me developing the animations.
Here’s a short video showing the character attack animations, is there anything that doesn’t look right, or that can be improved?
I studied martial arts for a year, so I’m hoping that I got the body movements and foot movements to look realistic.

Each weapon causes a different type of damage, either slashing, piercing or smashing. This has to be reflected in the animations for that weapon. Each attack animation is 50 frames long. The first 15 frames feature the character entering a guard stance, then the attack occupies the next 15-20 frames. Damage animations will be set up to reflect this.

An update showing some of the tilesets. These are not final, I’m going to be altering them quite a bit before the game is done, but this is the general look and feel of the textures and layout.

I’m trying to decide whether arches and the upper parts of rooms should beome invisible when you switch to character’s eye view, to stop them from obstructing your view when lining up for missile attacks and the like.

the game is looking great but why are you sticking to 2.49

For now I’m using 2.49b for the same reason I’m using tex face not GLSL, for reasons of accessability. I’ve had good results getting 2.49b files to run using blender player on many different machines.
I even got my battletech game running on the windows xp machine at the elementary school where I teach. It has no graphics card and is slower than stonehenge, but it runs blender 2.49 games fine.

I’m going to do some tests with 2.63, to see if I can get the same degree of access from any machine. My dream is to make it able to run on anything from a mac to linux without many problems. If I can get it to run on the machine at work, I may switch to 2.63a. I’ve noticed that 2.63a Looks much better and runs faster on my home computer (much less rasterizer drain).

There are 2.64 test builds out now, so you may aswell test on them too. So far you’ve got some great screens and info, good luck.

nice job dude, the animations look good from here…keep it up man!

Looks really great. I hope you get it to a playable state.

Thanks for all the praise, I’m hoping to get the level generator code up and running this week.

I’m still stuck on the problem of how to structure the game. I currently have two ideas:

  1. A single multi level dungeon in the style of Eye of the Beholder. Different monsters on each level leading to harder and harder chanlenges as you go down. This has the benefit of being easy to make, but could be a little boring.

  2. A navigatable world map with nodes that could be dungeons, caves, villages or shrines. I already have some code for this from another project so it wouldn’t be that much work, but I’d still need to work on the assets.

One idea would be to make a single large dungeon as a 1st game and then build the world map as the expansion or sequel.
When Kickstarter opens up in the UK I’m thinking of trying to fund this project, so it’d be easier to fund an expanded sequel than a new game. In that case I have a number of different ideas for the sequel including extra playable races and archetypes (classes), expanded equipment and more spells and powers.

I like this project and will keep looking for it ┒(‘o’┒)(┎’o’)┎ Good luck !