treatkor's Junky Material Library

Here’s a collection of some materials i’ve made since starting with Blender. I call it “junky” because it’s not really organized in anyway. but maybe some will find it useful (or at least fun to explore)
blend file is here:

feel free to use for any purpose. (public domain)

edit: thanks to dschnell289 for hosting a mirror of the file: (old link removed)
edit: continued thanks to dschnell289 for hosting a mirror of the file at a new location:
it can also be found at the Blender Model Repository

Those are some good-lookin’ materials! Thanks, this’ll come in handy!

Those are looking quite nice; thank you!

I’ll be having a look at these simply to find out more about the texturing system and how it works… Thanks for something to reverse engineer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thanks for sharing…this will definitely gonna be useful someday…

My Favorite is the glass bubbles, they are COOL. Very Nice! i like these libraries because they help me to make better materials, so, thanks!

glad you like it. thanks everyone for the kind replies!

These look very good.

can someone give me a different link to download
im getting blocked

Thank you very much! I am new to Blender and materials are UBERMYSTERY to me… I have managed to save myself several times by finding good ready to use material!

That’s a nice library. Unpretentious, will see a lot of use. Thanks.

some great examples, i like the bubble one in the center

Really nice, Maybe I’ll use some of it for the Hannover Expo.

nice resource. excellent. (please check your PM inbox btw)

thank you very much!

thanks! Here’s a non-putfile mirror…

Thanks for the materials reference and also for the link

Thanks a lot !

thanks again for all the nice words everyone! glad to see this is useful. also thanks for adding the mirror, (i know putfile is a hassle)
at noidtlum’s suggestion it will soon be in the new BMR (Blender Model Repository)

I could manage to upload them to the blender open material reposiroty
That would be a great contribution.