Low poly Trebuchet, nm details, for a game for animation worlds, yeah sum fool tried to recruit here and made a bad name for us :frowning: anywho here is my current render and a ref. photo :slight_smile: If you are intrested in helping out or if you want more info email me at [email protected]

C&C is welcome

ref. photo

Newb question - how did you use the reference image? Did you just use for general reference or did you place it as a background on blender and model over it ???

I just looked back and forth, and studied the way its setup. Basically model it piece by piece and assemble as you go on, and adjust teh model according to the picture or othere sources :slight_smile:

wow. It looks really good.

I’m guessing, strategy game? Looks nice. :slight_smile:

What file format are you exporting the models to, and what method are using to load them in realtime? Are you using something like Deep Exploration for creating the raw C++ code, or what? Just curious.

looks good :slight_smile: One day ago i made this also! :smiley:

Do you have any plans of animating this mesh? That would be really cool!

Haha nice! And guess what? My friend and I are creature a mini trebuchet for a contest out of PVC pipes. Haha oh man, the wonders of duct tape. Anyways, good job and keep up the work!

Nice work, but it’s strange how I’m the 1st person to have an avatar in this post :o

Yeah I am going to aniamte it, and considering animating is my strong point expect a good one :slight_smile: I’m too lazy to put up an avatar

hehe :smiley: