An old model of mine that I reshaded for cycles. Then went to the park and snapped the background image and comped it in :slight_smile:
It’s basically rigged, both dynamically and manually, I’ll post an animation test once I’ve comped it into a video. Getting the rope, sling and rock simulations to play nice together was rather challenging, since one simulation can affect another, but both cannot collide with each other simultaneously affecting both simulations.

I comped the trebuchet into the image basically by projecting the image onto an infinity plane with just a diffuse material, hence getting the shadows and light bounce automatically. I have little experience with VFX stuffs, it feels a lot like a cheap shortcut, so any crits on how well it integrates into the image would be appreciated.

I enjoy shading and texturing old dirty stuff like this, but I’m a really lazy modeler, so some idea on how to improve the model, or what details can be added, would be great too.

Also, I like to make pretty pictures, but I’ve now accepted the fact that I’m no artist :slight_smile: technical stuff is what I love. So some if you’ve got any advice on how to improve the image artistically, I’m keen to hear it.


Good to see you back Greg. The conversion to cycles came out really nice, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing it animated. Are you going to have it actually hit something and destroy it? In any case, the scene looks really good, but I think your cutting yourself short saying your not an artist. In my mind there is all different types and styles of art (thank goodness) and believe me the ability to animate, model, texture is most definitely a very challenging and rewarding form of art.

Thanks harleynut97 - Other than a piece of ground, I hadn’t any plans for destruction. But hey, why not a tower of sorts? :slight_smile: It seems all tiny tests naturally gravitate to giant projects…

Very nice model. I’ve seen it on the blendernerd website and wanted to try making my own ever since (I also like making dirty, medieval type things).
The model is very well infused with the background image and the lighting is well done.
I think it would look better to have a picture taken during noon where the sun isn’t in the photo since right now it is overpowering the model. Also because of the very detailed background it’s hard to see the details of the model to their full potential.
I also am looking forward to seeing this thing animated and am hoping to get a detailed explanation of the whole rigging/dynamics process.

And please don’t be offended by my pointing out the flaws I see, it is meant to help.

That’s the whole point of the focused critique forum :slight_smile:

Good point with the lighting - I’ll keep that in mind when I go shoot on thursday morning :slight_smile: