Tree Cannon - The Oak's Last Stand

Welcome to the forest! Here is my entry, that I have been working on over the past few days. The characters are fully rigged, everything is UV-unwrapped. I think in this piece I got much of my inspiration from the “crazy” in Crazy Firepower, but I hope you all can understand and appreciate the story behind this piece of art.

Created in Blender 2.72 and Cycles, with advanced compositing in the compositor, and some minor post processing in Paint.NET.

Tree Cannon - The Oak’s Last Stand

War broke out in the forest, with a new species of tree making it’s presence known. A hard, cruel species, hardly even a tree at all. The other trees have no chance to overcome their slow, methodical onslaught. They utilize those they vanquish to create machines of destruction, of terror.

This artwork is dedicated to all of those helping prevent invasive species from spreading.

Any feedback is extremely welcome! This is an entry in a contest, and I need to have the final version done by Dec. 1st. Feel free to checkout the original thread and vote here:

looks great :slight_smile:

Thanks! Any suggestions for ways to improve it?

the only thing what i don’t like, is the downside of the picture, it is a little dark to me :slight_smile: