Tree [D]

Does anyone still have a copy of the Tree [D] Software?

I have seen it mentioned multiple times on the forums and its completely free however there is no place the download it and the website says its down for maintenance and has been for about a week. is there website

If someone could post up a download link or PM me there email or something if someone has it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can use the ‘sapling’ addon within Blender itself, apparently it’s based off the same algorithm anyway.

I wonder what the guys at frecle are doing? They could be about to release something interesting.

It’s still on the net… just archieved.

Hi eppo,

thanks for your link!

Oops, the text is unreadable.

Do i need a special font or something?

WIN7 64Bit

I’m herding penguin here… and it’s 64 bit and win emulation is pretty much messed up concerning graphics - can’t tell anything. Back when i had 32 bit OS it would work fine.
I don’t think there needs to be special font or something - it’s rather looking like something to do with graphics mode and drivers.

I’ve had it for a while now, on 32-bit, works fine here. Not sure what that is about, but you could also try Arbaro:

Works fine here, also Win 7 64 bit. So not sure what the problem is.

Arbaro is nice, but is no substitute for tree[d] really. Arbaro makes great high poly trees. While tree[d] is good for creating low poly trees. Which is nice for game needs.

@ eppo, VickyM72 and Tiles,

many thanks for your answers.

Apparently it was a font problem.

I have restored ttf-Fonts from the Windows\winsxs directory and now it works.

I had probably cleaned up a bit too much.

Thanks for the link eppo, I was searching for tree[d], an excellent tool for lowpoly trees. And its working fine on Win7 64bit.