Tree from curves

Has anyone tested the new python script “” added by the Peach team?

I understood it is supposed to generate trees from a set of curves. I did some tests but I can’t figure out how it is supposed to work.

Here is what I got so far:

I’ve also tried it and have not got any sensible results. I also didn’t find any text about that script on the net.
Well, it may happen that something unfinished gets to the svn repository just by a mistake - that’s my explanation :wink:
//edit: sorry, it doesnt actually look like a mistake. There is a bit of posts in the repository log that seem to know what are they talking about. And the code seems to be a lot of work done.
So I don’t know.

Yes, they (Campbell Barton) work on it daily. He has already made a dozen of SVN revisions on it.

As you suggest, may be it is not yet feature complete.

I messed with the script for another while and got it to work. The only problem I encountered was pretty simple - just check which direction is the curve turned in. The results are suprisingly good:

Ooh, ooh, nice!

So, you set the curves to be 3D?
and you used a BevOb to have the branches diameter decrease?

Maybe I’ll give it another try. :wink:

Finally! I’ve been wanting to see SOME feedback regarding this Tree Wizard Campbell is working on (reading the commit logs several times a day…)
I understand it’s early days of course, but I hope more test will pop up soon.
I just love eye candy…

Sure I set them to be 3D. It’s just one big 3D curve.
Do you mean BevOb or TaperOb? Anyway, neither of them. Only Alt+S.
And forbid the script all those features like Create UV layout and wtfsoever. I think those are really not finished yet, they just throw out errors.
//edit: And the most important is to W>switch direction, all out from the branch.

emu: thanks for the tips!
I managed to build a slightly more convincing tree :slight_smile:
The “W” menu is the key! (“Set radius” and “Switch direction”)

A great idea,and really nice script. It should save you “Peach” boys some time.

Here is my first attempt, the Auto UV’s do a pretty good job, and I
love the texture animation :).

And .blend file (you need a recent SVN build, should be one here

The curve2tree script can generate leaves now!

Here is another quick test:

Hi, just to let ya know that the artists need to spend some time and work out how best to do leaves, the ones in the script are really just 1 idea of how they might work (bunch’s of leaves - used like particles).
Iv also commented out leaves that come off the branch, can investigate that later :wink:

Anyhow, glad some of your find this interesting to mess about with :wink:

Anyone know how to get the random curviness on the twigs? My twigs seem to all be of the spiky variety.

How do you get the curves to join togther to connect the branches to the trunk? I have created two seperate curves, one for the trunk and one for a branch. I select both and join but when I run the script the end of the branch isnt connected to the trunk?

I think they just have to be close together. what I was doing, was to duplicate a vertex from the middle of one of my curve segments, and extrude from there. that way it is perfectly matched up. but the ones i did that were just close as opposed to right on the spot, also worked.

yeh that did the trick, thanks

any ideas on how you get the leaves to work?

If you are using a leaf object, make sure you snap the leaf object to the center of the curve. or maybe it’s the center of the canopy. one of those anyway. If you’re not using a leaf object, the leaves should appear as planes, just by clicking on the leaves button, and turning the number of leaves up a bit. You have to be using twigs for the leaves to appear though, I think, so, if the twigs button isn’t pressed you won’t get any leaves.

so when it generates the planes for the leaves you have to assign a transp leaf image texture to the planes?

Hi, could someone tell me if there’s a video tutorial/demonstration for this anywhere? Had a look but couldn’t find one so I’m a bit stumped (not really sure if that pun was intended but I’ll take the blame for it anyway :D).

Managed to get the trunk made using several bezier curves but I can’t get any of the additional options (from ‘Fill Twigs’ to ‘Generate Variation’) to work. The version of ‘Tree from Curves’ I’m using is from 561_blender SVN trunk-2007-12-30-rev13057.

If there’s no video, could someone possibly post a quick demo of a tree being put together from scratch? It’s always so much easier to pick up stuff watching someone else. Failing that, even a bullet-point step-by-step would be great.