Tree Grass and water...

Test render… Still needs a bit of work, but getting there.


This is really nice, i especially like the grass…are the leaves particle?

That grass looks fantastic, there is something strange about the tree that I cant put my finger on. but still nice work

Yep nice work are you going to put a specular map on the bark it looks a bit to flat

Looking very nice, especially the water and grass!
I need to learn how to get grass and water as good as yours, care to share the blend?

I won’t share the blend file, but I will tell you the grass tutorial @ is where I learned that. Water is pretty easy. Procedure texture with alpha and reflection set correctly. Low poly, but a pain to render.

No, the tree was done using the py script in 2.49. Gotta do some research and see if 2.5 has the same thing in it.

Thanks, just found Andrews grass tut, it was exactly what i needed.
Now i just need to learn how to do nice water.

I did some quick compositing…does this look better? Or are you trying to go for a darker feel?
I think the sky refection is too dark… also i dont like the leaves


It looks good, especially the grass, but the grass seems to be growing straight out of the water. I think you should show a bit of dirt where the ground meets the water.

+1 (what he said)

I liked the darker feel better.

I think the tree texture needs a little work though to get it to match the grass and water.

But, I really like it.

Hi woody730b, great start to your image, there are some really good details in there.

The grass details are good, the tree bark detail is pretty good although a little soft, maybe a bit more bump would be good, The bark colour also seems a little light compared to the darkness of the leaves. Also, you’re getting a lot of shadow among the leaves which is making them seem darker than they should be, try reducing the shadow of the lights, or reducing Ambient Occlusion, or add a slight Emit factor to the leaf texture.

The water is nice and reflective, but it currently looks like a rippley sheet of plastic. Perhaps a bit more displacement with a few rocks poking through would be helpful. May some bubbles here or there (subtle though, not like there’s soap in the water) would also sell the realistic water look more. I think also it would be good to have some of the grass either poking into the water OR show more dirt/mud at the waters edge, right now the transition looks fake to me.

From a compositional standpoint, I think the image could use some adjustments. I would make the image more rectangular and extend the scene to the left, so that the tree lines up with the second thirds line (ie rule of thirds) on the right and not as centered. I would also add a few more trees to the horizon line so it’s not so flat and smooth (you’ve got some there already but I would make them a little more pronounced. As well the grassy field that extends behind the tree towards the horizon doesn’t seem like it stretches for miles, just for a few feet. Perhaps increase the change in grass blade size, and add a little mist factor (very slightly, I know you’re not going for a misty scene) to highlight the distance that you are trying to achieve.

Hope that helps! Cheers.

Appreciate the help! I probably won’t post this one again. It was a test of a few things, but I will definitely take what I learned from this for further use elsewhere.

Just pointing a few problems if you wish to fix…

  1. leaves do not shine… Im guessing there’s no texture on it also.
  2. If you wan to make picture more realistic…
    - make the grass not come so close to water… should be dirt before reaching water
    - make some higher grass growing up the tree
  • get a different texture for bark… sorry but no tree is that light (even if there was, it looks pretty akward)

Nice work overall! pretty awesome pic.