Tree Of Awe

Hi! Im using blender for around 6 months, I had this scene in my mind and I decided to create it!
I’ll appreciate any critique or review.
I hope you like it:)


Hey there,
I like the style and mood of the image, and it tells a story. Could be right out of the Diablo universe :slight_smile: Given that I really like it, I have some suggestions on how to improve the image, here’s what sticks out to me:

  • The lighting looks a bit too flat for me. Perhaps you could add some subtle lights to the areas of interest (where you want the viewer to focus first). Especially near the two guys hanging. I could not make the out at first glance.

  • The cloth of the girl’s dress looks a bit too stiff and sturdy, perhaps due to the big folds.

  • Add some variation to the crows, the two on the left side seem to have the same pose and look repetitive.

Have fun!

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Hi! Thanks alot for your critique!
I wanted to focus on tree. I decided to make the scene darker to make that atmosphere.
Thanks again for your suggestions, I’ll use them in my future artworks!(I still need to learn so many things)

Learning never stops :wink: , I still have to learn a lot myself.

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Yeah! I agree

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks alot :smiley:

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