Tree study.

L-system running in Blender 2.23 then imported into 2.35 for rendering.

UV mapped leaves with trans-shadow properties to allow correct shadow shapes.

Please click here to view.

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The foliage is very good, the tree itself is a little “unshaped”… I mean, what kind of tree should it be?


Nice dense tree - I like it.

Nice tree. As long as you’re doing a tree study, have you tried Arboro? It’s an open source tree generator that can output in .dxf and .obj format. It’s trees are (IMO) significantly more realistic than lsystem.

Ahh, those cigs taste so good in the fresh air don’t they. (:

Very nice feel to the folliage. Would make a nice background for a car.

Of course you can’t see the seams on the branches. Arboro also has some nice trees but you’ll get seams there too.

L-system will still run in 2.36, won’t it?

Mmm, cool link :slight_smile:



Nice link! Thanks very much. I especially like the fact it saves the leaves and body of the tree as two seperate meshes.

Looks very good, though I agree with the comment about the shape of the tree, it’s a bit sprawling. Looks a very realistic render, especially the way you can only see the outer leaves and then there’s shadow further in. It’d be a nice to see a less compressed image.


Now, THAT’S useful. I don’t really care for L-System (it takes so much poking around, to get anywhere a decent result, it’s annoying).

Anyway, I’ll try this Arboro business. Thanks for sharing.


Okay, this is scary!! Arbaro is awesome. I HAVE to build a tree now. I dont care what it takes…it must be done.

Abaro works really well, but beware of the mesh import sizes in DXF format, they can be very large.

Remember to do Rem Doubles after importing dxf!

Sonix, nice tree - I like the shape of the leaves.

For Arbaro users: I think you can eliminate the branch segmentation problem by subsurfing them - could be wrong though.

I have some arbaro renders here at the bottom of the page, it’s a slick little program.

Just tried out arbaro it’s prety cool, I didn’t realize dxf files where so big 25 megs for one oak tree fith like 4 leaves per branch or whatever.

Def hit the remdoubles, mine had like 30,000 in the trunk part alone.

Very good tree indeed. All looks good.


bery nice program!

Subsurfing helps, but since end points of brances are single points you get disconnected litle branches… (look here on right)


Sorry to have hijacked your thread, sonix. Just trying to help. :expressionless:

Thanks people, been working some more, but haven’t uploaded anything new.

Env, I was going for a really curly tree, but the leaves are hiding the truck sections. There are also 6 trees in the whole image, all different variations of the same preset though.

I’ve also been using Arbetorum (Forrester - Terragen wannabe with a few more tricks) but can’t export unfortunately.

Going to try this Arbaro, thanks for the link.

I’ve also got Plant Studio which does everything except trees.

L-System should run on 2.36 but I don’t have it, hence using 2.23.

Harkyman, no worries about the thread. This wouldn’t be elysiun if we couldn’t help each other out all the time. :wink:

Stefano, is it any better with removing doubles before the subsurf, to reduce the disconnected branches?


Sonix that looks great! I haven’t had good results with L-system, but then I didn’t try it more than a couple of times. Seeing this and what Stefano did with Arbaro, I might have to look into both of those programs :slight_smile: