(ktysdal) #1

I am currently a student at the Animation Workshop in Denmark, and this treehouse was made as a self study at school. I wanted to try to get more comfortable making environment projects.
Here you can see a 1 minute “making of”:

Hope you like it!

(Petrosfera) #2

Man I love this style so much! Makes me wanna take a walk there. The stylization of the trunks nails it.

(Anthony C) #3

Absolutely phenomenal work.

(Androol) #4

Your modeling and design are realy cool.

(Tvaroog) #5

Absolutely perfect :slight_smile: BTW, first link in your signature doesn’t work.

(csjones) #6

Really Cool!

(ktysdal) #7

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

whops! it should be fixed now.

(SynaGl0w) #8

Very nice!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!:yes:

(ctdabomb) #9

Cool! I was expecting something good when I saw the author name, and you didn’t disappoint.
It is all very nice. The modelling, texturing, etc…
Gets some stars from me.

(Madrid82) #10

I saw this work in other website days ago, and I loved it. Very good the 2d style in 3d.

(SKworld) #11

wow… it’s very nice… really impressed !!! :slight_smile:

(mik.a.) #12

Very nice! I don’t see very often works with this kind of style so well executed.

(DA3054) #13

This is amazing… I have never seen a log look this awesome. Just saying :smiley:

(michalis) #14

So much love on this one!

(Webhead) #15

I absolutely love your style! keep it up!

(Pierrick PICAUT) #16

This is such amazing.
Style, production… I’m just ultra fan of this artwork… AMAZING!

(BitterBrushAnim) #17

i gotta say i love this so much! :stuck_out_tongue: excellent work.

(RichardUpshur) #18


(jjjuho) #19

This is sick, top grade stuff that you rarely get from students! One of the best sceneries I have ever seen made in blender!

(SreckoMicic) #20

Love it, amazing work!