Trees again !

Hi Ppl:

For all those who watched my long time posted trees, here is the end of the road. At least for a while :smiley:

Take a look at:

and tell me what you think.



its taking its sweet time loading…grrrr oh geez…sooo slow
wow, netfirms sucks =\ im not kiddin…thats just horrible! it mus be moving at like 10bytes a minute…


the top loaded… thats it…just a bit, then it stopped forever =(
the pic at the bottom left looks great though… but i cant see the top pic

same thing here… :frowning:

but the bottom tree look nice…very nice :slight_smile:

I second that. I cant see it either - Damn!

From the description you gave it sounds like it will be a real sweet picture but I can’t wait anymore :frowning:

Ugh…That is slow! …waitswaitswaits…YAY! Words are appearing! uhmm…Top part of the tree…The one in the lower left looks awsome! But I only get a little of the big tree…I guess I got same problem as Imagrandpaboy…There are alot more free Webhost out there…Think of getting one of them…Wait! The rest of the tree is starting to show…but since I’ve waited 4 minutes now…I am going to forget the rest of the tree :slight_smile: the one in the bottom is enough :slight_smile: awsome pic though

oh dear god. You’re right. Well, nothing I can do though.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Check yer private messages, I’ll uplod the pics to my site if you want :smiley:

As long as you can get on #blenderchat to Dcc the files to me that is!

Cool pic, Mal. Me miss mah Mal. :frowning: Here it is!

It was slightly too dark, so I brightened it up a bit. :smiley:

Hmmm…That is the LAST thing you should be doing with someone elses work. :-?

I had no problem with his link.

You already know my opinion of your work, so I will keep it short: Fantastic! You have raised the bar for everybody yet again.

p.s. I hope your hospital stay was brief, relatively inexpensive, and that the nurses were pretty. :smiley:

Well I got a serious tongue lashing for an improper posting a while ago, so now its my turn. BG3D that is probably the most , worst, terrible, cruelest, nastiest, meanest, and DISCURTIOUS, thing you can do. Man, taking someone elses work, changing it, then (I cant believe it) reposting it and sayin now its better. Jeez, man, what happened, you must of had a brain fart or something. You are going to spend time in the DOG HOUSE for that one, but I’m sure you will be forgiving in about a YEAR OR TWO!!! LOL… Beyond that I think the Tree is AWSOME, one of the best I have seen, and certainly looks like alot of time was put into the project. Great job Malefico, your efforts in that project certainly shine BRIGHT>>>

NDNChief, No longer in the DOGHOUSE, bg3d took my place, LOL…

Man, taking someone elses work, changing it, then (I cant believe it) reposting it and sayin now its better

That is called GPL ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No, seriously. No offense at all. I made it very dark, because in the original picture (at least better reproductions than the one I posted in my page) it is actually a lot dark. And it also changes a lot with the gamma of your monitor. Anyway, I’m not offended by the retouch/repost.

About Netfirms… it’s not usually as slow as this ! I guess they’re doing some kind of messing there… :frowning: :frowning:

M@dcow your offer was very kind, thanx a lot. I may contact you later on.

Fullback: I can’t believe it, now Manchester United beats Boca !!! :x Cheers man.

Thanx everybody for the comments !

Glad I got to see this tree. Great tree great composition. Almost looks like a painting. I’m impressed. Keep it up malefico, you inspire me.


well… being big fan of magrittes works… I have to say… the painting is better :slight_smile: your rendering is good too, but you missed couple of important things (if we are looking at the composition… the modelling itself is just perfect).

  1. you have the “canvas” wrong way… you are doing a tall might tree… but because your canvas has so mucn more width, and all that empty space, the tree looks fat and lonely.

  2. the lighting you choose, leaves it a bit flat. it’s dreamy, yes… but because it’s night time (and not morning like in the painting) maybe small light from moon then??

oh well… who am I to say. just some thoughts.

p.s. a bigger rendering would be nice. just to see details…


well… being big fan of magrittes works… I have to say… the painting is better
and it’ll always be !!! :smiley: :smiley:

OK, now on your criticism:

1- Yes, the canvas. You know, one thing I like of reproducing art in 3D is that you can play with the things taht weren’t visible in the original. Like what was Mona Lisa looking at and things like that. I always thought that tree was lonely in the vast sense of the word. That’s why I chose that canvas.To emphasize its solitude…
I may be wrong but that’s how I “read” that picture.

2- Yes, you might be right on that one. I rendered a couple more with a more “dawny” look. I also tried some postprocessing trying to get the light fx that Harkyman did with his bird movie… no success :frowning:
BTW Harkyman… how the hell did you do that ???

This picture in fact is part of a short animation showing the complete dawn plus a couple of strange things. I hope you’ll like it (being a Magritte fan I mean) :slight_smile:



i can image the animation already :slight_smile: I saw one documentary of magritte on tv once (actually I have it on tape) that showed some animations done using the ideas from magrittes paintings… pretty nice…

well, let me know when it’s finnished!


I really like your pic. As I really like the original! It’s very beautiful and an animation would be a great experience I bet. I agree with the step of penetrating an artwork world by the mean of CGI. Perhaps you’ll remember that famous painting of a corner street bar at night (Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper…).
image from

Someone made a CGI picture of what we might see if we were one of the customers sat at this bar.
With our comp we can be Alice in wonderlands and run through paintings…

Maybe one day a contest on that topic, why not? I’d like to see such things…

With our comp we can be Alice in wonderlands and run through paintings…

Exactly, that’s what I mean !

Great to see many Magritte fans around Blender !



wow… I would love to see that… that’s also one of the painters I like… I did even a version of the Nighthawks once… I painted homer and marge simpson sitting at the bar… lonely and drunk…

great idea!