Trees and Forests :: Part of an Animated Film

Alright Blender community,
I need some serious help. My friend and I are currently making an animated short film using Blender. The film is about a chameleon and a salamander who are the best of friends living in the Amazon Rainforest. One day, their world is shattered by deforestation. But here’s the problem: there is no forest to de-forestmatize. In other words, I’m not really sure how to create realistic trees in Blender. I have tried L-System, and it makes great results… until you get up close. Plus, the interface isn’t very intuitive, and quite frankly, I can’t seem to make rainforest trees no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions??? Please help us out!!
~Jarsten Studios

(PS. Our forests need to be stylish–think Disney’s “Tangled” or something of the like. Thanks again!)

here, use that :smiley:

Thank you sir! That really helps quite a bit!