It looks kind of boring right now, feedback is appreciated!

Are the trees realistic enough?

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I think the tree texture looks weird and the leaves are not realistic, can you show me the leaf shader?

It is pretty low effort leaf, didn’t think anyone would notice :sweat_smile:

In my opinion, the trees are pretty realistic and you are overall on the right path. However I see a few things happening:

-The bench looks tiny in the picture and is in the shade, which means that it’s a bit hard to notice and the picture seems to have no focus or main point of interest.

-The sunlight attracts the eye exactly in the parts of the image where there is nothing.

-The trees look like they are all the same size. Also, we can see the sky under them, which makes it look like the forest is tiny. That area could use a bit of foliage (though this might also not look good, you would have to try and decide yourself).

-I can’t quite tell if this place is supposed to be more of a wild and natural area or a well maintained garden. If it’s a forest, I would expect many different sizes of trees, as well as rocks, stumps, broken branches and different kinds of grasses, flowers and bushes on the ground. If it’s a garden, I would expect more signs of human presence such as stone paths, hedges, maybe flower beds.

-Finally, a lot of the interest in this scene would come from better image composition, so I would recommend searching for tutorials on this topic.

So these are my suggestions. However, only you know what vision you have for this piece, so don’t hesitate to try different stuff.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I do see this as more of a maintained area, hence no small trees / shrubs / etc… sort of a fancy dog park. The bench is to help show scale of trees, but is a poor focus point for sure.