Where can I find a TREE tutorial? I can make a tree it just doesnt look very nice. I would like to see how other people do it.

Take a look here:
Hope this is what you need.

That is perfect. Can I ask how you found that. I do a search everytime before posting a question but it seems like the same posts always pop up and they usually have nothing to do with what I am searching for. There is usually one or two posts that are related. Thanks!

I found it by using the key phrase and word “Tree Generator” Blender (with the quotes, in Google and Yahoo).

I also found other programs…

“Fiber generator” Blender
“fur generator” Blender
“Mechanical Gears” Blender
“horn extrude” Blender

OOPS! I replied in the wrong thread, probably to the wrong person with a TREE topic. Oh well. I hope this helps anyhow.
TREE Generator