treeview in python

I need a python UI that displays a treeview within blender. I need access to the treeview nodes in my code and to what the user selected. Can this be done in blender? If so, how?

As I know, there is no such component available in Blender API. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Abstracting the whole component level is a programming task people have been talking about in Blender 3-series design guidelines. Treeviews is a basic component of most of external GUI-toolkits, but Blender does not have such, it uses it’s own drawing methods for GUI-components.

You can use pygtk in Blender2.5 over a pipe or socket, i hear pyqt4 works with python3.1 so it might be easier to use that.
If you choose the pipe/socket approach, you can try my lazy-python module for talking to blender from the other process.

Do you have any experience painting PyQt4 components with OpenGL routines? If we took the OpenGL calls from Blender’s source code, and put them in the painting methods of PyQt4 components, that would give a nice way to implement Blender GUI toolkit.