Trembling geometry display

I’ve imported big .DXF form Civil 3D with terrain surface. Imported mesh have distant vertex coord’s (I believe this generate problems). Whole geometry is displaying right in orthographic view but in perspective is starts to shake when moving view.
I guess this problem was raised somewhere on forum but without solution. I’m wondering if someone found way to cope with this.
The only way out I found is to grab geometry near to 0,0,0 but this is lame solution for me.
File with imported geometry in link below.

The geometry data in that file is too much to cope for Blender as is. There are vertices that are 8 million units away from origin. What you’ll need to do is set origin to geometry, twice (apparently, this huge offset is even too much for that operation), and then reset location.
Also, if you want to view all of it, you may want to adjust your view settings, set near clip plane to something like 10 meters, and far clip plane to 5000m. Don’t set near clip plane too low, or you will get visual artifacts again.

Thx for your efforts. But this not solve my problem. I wanted to edit that mesh without changing it’s location. I need to preserve it. It’s for civil engineering purposes.

You won’t be able to without losing some data. Blender isn’t meant to deal with these kinds of numbers.

may be try to re scale file in Meshlab then import back in blender

max value in Bl is like 9999.999 with a world scale of 1

i did a terrain with around 1.6 Km length and i could not even rotate that terrain in viewport without strong clipping

Bl has limit for size and nothing can be done
and you need to respect these limits

what is the precision you need is it meters or millimeters ?

happy bl

Are you suggesting depending on various units factor in each app? This might be satisfying workaround. I’ll check that.

you might be able to re scale it in MESHLAB
then import back in blender
then you could stick with world scale = 1 or bigger one

depends what you want to do and required resolution you need
what resolution do you need ?

note: not certain why you get such large numbers in millions
i mean what is the size of your terrain in meters ?

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Scaling externally is not needed. When I scale and move geometry in Blender to appropriate values problem disappear. But scaling only is not enough.
Minimal individual polygon resolution needed is about 0.1x0.1m.
I need to work with 10 km long objects.
Problem lay in location - it’s far away from 0,0,0 (8 milion meters away in this case).