Trepaning Method of Character Animation

Put your tin foil hats on and strap them down tight, for minds are about to get blown and things could get messy.

I hate it when people use an attractive images to lure people to see their video and then not showing it in their video, which is called “blueballing”. Shame on you trepaning, shame on you!!!

P.S.: If you you could please share “Hot Tsunade” .blend file, you will be forgiven.:smiley:

I have no need for forgiveness.


Thank’s for the video…It’s really Kick ass…It show how easy it can be, to do some real nice animation…Was on Your’s… Tube…:slight_smile:
Really really nice work there…Special Niel Young’s " Down the river" So well done…And You play drum too…Oh My.

I’m glad I saw You on the other thread…Thank You and Puff Puff


Thank you very much for the kind words. I am glad to know you find the information useful. I always wanted to find a “faster” way to do animation, even just to block out timing and such, and was pretty impressed when such an ability was able to be assembled within Blender. “Down by the River” was my first ever Blender project, my “learning Blender” attempt at an animation, and was made a year before I figured out the animation technique in this thread. I started using Blender in November 2013, so it is really amazing what this software offers people, including ideas no one has even thought of yet just waiting to be discovered!

no thanks to you trepaning but I’ve found the “Swimsuit Tsunade” model. The head is from “Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3” Game and body from “Oblivion SPB DMMC Kuikomi Bikini SE Mod”. I’m not a scrooge like trepaning so here’s the link to said model:

I did not keep the model on my computer after running the tests.

Ouch! I’ll have to apply cold water to that burn you gave me, LOL!! As if your last comment offended me!:no:

Edit: I don’t believe for a second that you deleted the model, you’re just a closeted otaku. Get off your canadian mounty high horse, pervert. Your first post on this thread proves you are just as a depraved as you percieve I am, hahahaha!:stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: I did delete the model. I’m a janitor at heart.

Wow, way to go trepaning. You edited your post #7 with your attempt at insulting me with you remark -I’m paraphrasing here-
I don’t masturbate to 2d/3d (fictional) characters so I deleted the model after running tests”.
I rather had you owning up to it like a man by leaving it unedited, because my post #8 wouldn’t make sense to people now reading this thread.
I already didn’t have a high opinion of you for not wanting to share info from where you got “Swimsuit Tsunade” model, but after deleting that diss/burn you tried to give me, you’ve managed to lower my opinion of you even more.

You’re very entertaining.