Tri-walker drop

Last week I posted about my tri-walker. Now I have finished animating it.

Tell me what you think.

Think is very good your model

Some movements are happening a bit fast, well i have the same problem now, Motion blur is fine.

superb! maybe a bit fast like megastor suggested… but full of believable movement

lets put it like this. the model is good. the animation is good. but i would not say that you’ve finished animating it. for one, the animation could use some definite tweaking, and 2, it needs to be in more animations, cause i mean, come on, it’s too cool for one.

I agree with ikeahloe! I actually liked the animation. Fast movements actually are totally in the spirit of the model’s mechanical/organic feel. But you need to make it do something that makes sense… and post it in ‘finished’ artwork part of the forum!

I agree with you guys that it needs more work… But that’s why I have summer off from school. :slight_smile:

I finished a walkcycle for it, and added the main gun shooting:

Btw. You can now download it on blendswap:

Nice. Keep up the good work!

It looks like an excited puppy on the first video lol. Very nice animation though on the walk cycle it looks a little unstable.

the bullet shells have their issues and the bot lost its extremely energetic feel from the last video, I believe that you characters should be fairly consistent in their actions and change slightly over time.
Also, why bullets “imma firin mah lazor!!!”