I’m trying to connect these spikes to a heart I’m modelling, a very simple project, or at least I thought. For some reason when I made a circle hole in the heart, whenever I make a render these triangles show up coming from the circles. I cant get rid of them to save my life? Would anyone know how to get rid of these annoying triangles, because it does not show up in either object or edit mode, but it shows up in the render.
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Beginner Blender heart.blend (462 KB)

How about this? the geometry is cleaner and i added a subsurf…

when i added a subsurf the area around the circle started to pinch up. What’d you do??? If you don’t mind me asking

heart2.blend (505 KB)

You’ve got to keep the topology evenly spaced otherwise you’ll get pinching with sub surf. On your file you had lots of verts all close together on the circle hole, notice how I changed it to a hexagon which matches the surrounding topology better.