triangulate-mofier don't work


currently I’m working on a ICE model for ETS2.

For this I need triangles, so I use the triangulate modifier at end/before export. I have already made some models, also little bit complicate meshs, and always it works perfect.
So I did here all at the same way. I have some seperate meshs cause different materials and textures. Some works (as ever) perfect, but 2 made Problems. You can see it in the Pictures.



I can’t correct it Manual; I would destroy the whole model (it’s too complicate). There was no error-report.

I’m lost; I didn’t found a similar Problem with Google. If I forgot informations, please tell it.

The modifier is working fine, but it only works as well as the topology it’s operating on. Your base mesh appears to have huge n-gons all over and long skinny quads where there aren’t n-gons. The modifier will create triangles wherever it can, so if you don’t take the time to create clean quad-based topology with good edge loops to begin with, you shouldn’t expect the modifier to know where you want the triangles placed.

Ah OK, I have even sawn that there are some creepy things…Some quads (These one between the Windows) are conncected. No matter why. OK, i will rework it. That can take some time, I will Report if I finish it

Ah, i forgot it: thank you :wink: