Tribal Animal Head Sculpture

(00Ghz) #1

Hey guys,

My latest work :smiley:

Inspired by tribal art I made a statue with a animal headform. All aspects of the pipeline such as modeling, texture paiting, lightning and rendering + post were done by me.

2500 Samples. Cycles. Full GI. All done in blender except post in AE + PS.

Added second shot from bottom.



(ShadowCamero) #2

Wow, very nice! Amazing texturing. :slight_smile:

(Sweenist) #3

I concur, excellent texturing! I really like the first picture best.

(ComputerWhiz) #4

Unbelievable textures.
On a model like this, textures are what make it look realistic and you have mastered it with this picture.
Great work.

(Frank the Smith) #5

very nice painting(?)…well done…sabi…spec on 2nd hides and distracts… imho…sorry…just like it…

(00Ghz) #6

Any thoughts 4 years later?