Tribute to Blenderman (personal challenge)

Hey there!

All started with the Ben Simonds’s basemeshes, i wanted to performing ‘the z brush like’ sculpting over them so i tried to sculpt whatever character…my computer was working at maximum capacity, suddenly it shut down. Fortunately my PC has antisurge protection phew!. So off from my will, and randomizing some the model actually had resemblance with blender chair man so I decided turn the whole resemblance to him.

This is my latest model, Blenderman. And this thread is a tribute to him, Now I gonna try all aspects of modeling, sculpting including solid modeling, so need integrate ‘blender solid modeling’ into my skills, the purpose for this month is to end my modeling learning.

Modeling reopened: this month ‘technical modeling’.

Thread retake

Some stuff we will need to create this superhero

some critiques, perhaps do some tutorials, and a lot of willpower…ugh!!!