Trick Shot 2004

I am getting to work on my next project and i want to use everything i have learned and two new things: focal depth and motion blur.

My scene are balls spinning and moving and i want to know how to focus on on ball and how to get a really big motion blur (like in time exposure)?

Befor you cut me up for not searching i have looked but couldn’t find any tutorials for use in blender 2.33 and what i saw in 2.2 sereies it was too difficult for me to figure out with all the empty business. If someone could send me to a link with a tut for 2.33 or a really easy dynamic tut from 2.2 series blending if there is no easier way than the before that would be great!

As for the motion blur i will not be animating the scene but just taking a still of them in motion like so if you could help here too it would be nice!

For the motion blur, you still need to have the balls moving. So you have to parent them to a path or keyframe them moving and the turn on MBLUR in the render options. Move to frame whatever, (say 30 for an example), and then render with MBLUR to get the effect. That is the only way to have it work properly.

As for the focal depth, you can use the zblur plugin to acheive that, or do it in post with a filter in Photoshop or Gimp. The only other way is to use the empty/empties for tracking of the object you want to be clear and parent the camera to a Curve Cicle, (the tute for that can be foiund here in the tutes sectiuon at elysiun).


thanks but what are the settings for motion blur and where can i find z thingy? i meant that i was going ot make an animation but i already new i had to have them keyframed. :wink:

The zblur plugin is here:

The motion blur is set under the render button beside the OSA.

The results you get with this method might not be very good. Blender MBlur is not true motion blurring and the zblur can produce artifacts. You’re best bet for these features is to use an external renderer like yafray, povray or aqsis.

thanks i am still working on getting that tutorial implemented into the focal and what i have rendered so far has made the motion entire scene alittle blurry as if the balls are in motion and focally out. If i can key loc them they will make slight trailers that will make it even more realistic so thanks! :wink: