"Trick Shot Tuesday" Making Of

Trick Shot Tuesday

In January I did a school project in Hamburg, Germany, where I shot an episode of what’s called “Die Neue Show”. More info below.

So I did episode #8. There is a segment in there that contains a lot of ping pong trick shots.
We trained so hard. We threw ping pong balls everywhere. We tried our best to record any three pointers that landed in those little cups. And then I went ahead and faked it all in post.

Now I sat down and edited together a tiny making of.

The whole trick shot segment

About “Die Neue Show”

It’s a show on YouTube where each episode the students of another class have the chance to give the audience a small glimpse into their everyday (school) life.

All the episodes

Want to jump right in and watch my episode?


Cool gemacht! Nice and smooth CG!


Though I’ll admit, I most enjoyed the reactions when somebody got a shot for real; so surprised. :wink: