Trick: Simple nodes setup to simulate a candle Flame

An unusual and very simple way I found to create a surprisingly realistic candle flame in Cycles:

Here’s the nodes configuration:

Cool solution. Nice for a jet engine flame too :wink:

genius, I must try this tonight

Thanks , cool idea

@3pointEdit - Jet engine flame - wow, yes! Even the breakdown from side-angle is oddly similar to the sorts of “Mach disks” afterburners and rocket engines make, and scaling it on the Z axis mimics what adjusting thrust would do. For example, here’s a photo of what real Mach disks look like:

Excellent! I’ve been looking for some fire simulation in cycles render. I’ll mess with this and see if I can’t make a static fireplace scene somehow.

That is the best photo I’ve seen all day. When planes were awesome not drones.

Very nice. How would I get three of these and so that they spiral upward intertwined with one another?