Tripod Walker

I grew up ready the Tripods trilogy and have always wanted to model a Tripod. I’ve only recently learned enough to model this exactly how I wanted to. I made the house in about ten minutes. I’m somewhat stuck at the moment for what to do. I’m not sure how to add material to the model. In a newer save file I’ve added materials to the tripod. Green on the top and windows, a steel shiny color the rest. I’ve also tried making hills with grass using particles so I could use a photo in the background of mountains. However the particle system is trying to render too much grass even with children enabled. I’m just stuck trying to move on past modeling and to adding materials but need assistance and advice on how to further add color and make a scene around the house. The house is also very difficult for me to add material to.


very cool. one thing, though, is his shoulder joints look kind of primitive.

I suppose I have to agree with Modron, especially since the feet and tendrils suggest a biomechanical quality. It’s usually not a good idea to mix bulky mechanics with organic styles.

Anyhow, I would hate to wake up to it standing above my house like that :eek:

Thanks! I had noticed that but didn’t think much of it. i’ll make it smoother. I’ve added bricks and shingles to the house along with grass and texturing on everything. It’s far from perfect especially with the ground and lighting. Also texturing in general. any tips on that would be great. I’ll also include a picture bare of texture because it just looks 100x better. I’m still stuck on what to do with textures and lighting, making the scene look real. Any tips would be great.


You have obviously put a lot of work into the Walker, it looks great.

As for the general scene I would start by adding a backdrop. I would use the ANT Landscape generator, it will save loads of time.
Here is a link to the .py file:ANT Landscape
Also here is a link to a tutorial on how to use it:Blender Cookie ANT Landscape
It couldn’t hurt break up the foreground. Adding some other elements to the scene wouldn’t hurt. Bushes, trees, a car, large rocks, trashcans, woodpile, walking path to the house, flowers, etc… Basically add a bunch of little details that would be around a normal house. There are a bunch of free models on BlendSwap, just make sure to attribute files you use in your description. You might find some models that would save you some time, like:Trash Can, or: Tree
Or you could always model your own stuff.

You are making great progress, keep it up.

I agree I was considering adding a trash can, scarecrow possibly, and mailbox maybe more. Thanks for the ideas. I prefer to keep it all my original content. As for the backdrop i considered it but did not know how so thanks for the links. The new file is barren of materials and has the Tripod knocking some shingles off but you can’t really tell that well as it’s a small part of the scene.
The house is also too uniform as far as shingles and bricks. Are there any simple ways to slightly roughen them up so it doesn’t look perfect?
Also any tips on texturing everything? including mountains