Tris in Sphere

I am really watching for ngons and tris in my mesh but just wondering what anyone’s thoughts are on using a sphere for eyes and leaving tris in the sphere that normally occur in the UV sphere. It seems pretty smooth to me. And although the final model I have will have no ngons and tris (except the UV spheres in the eye). Anyone see any potential problems with that?..just curious.

tri’s only on top and bottom
you can turnit at 90 degrees to not see it !


happy bl

Or select every other point on the outer edge of the tris, then slide them slightly. Next, select every newly lengthened edge) and melt it. Voila - all quads, and none degenerated.

use a sphere, have the “poll” face forward, where the pupil is, but dont subdivide it.

You know, sometimes you feel so stupid…Thanks to all…easy solutions