Triskelion - using Blender

Create one using Inkscape, save it as SVG, import it to Blender and extrude it etc:

or search images, convert to SVG, same process

Luxxeon3d’s method using 3DSMax

Maybe using spirals, not sure which (or how).

or using Wings3d:

(Missing PDF) incomplete process (quite likely would involve Blender’s Spin tool - especially elevating the spin off the grid as shown here)


What would be the best way to do it in Blender?

Maybe a modified starball?


looks like there is an equation for it

so should be possible to write up a script to do it

i can try it this weekend may be
not certain how it is going to come out LOL

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do you know how to work with Matlab ?

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Nope. Got Mathematica on a raspberry pi.

Also, found Triskelion on Geogebra:

Geogebra exports to STL.

Still doesn’t help with procedural process in Blender.

Luxxeon3d is pretty good about cross compatibility with Blender even though his primary is 3DSMax.

Didn’t follow his tutorial all the way through though to see how it might be converted to Blender format.

The Wings 3D one looks like it might be more easily converted to Blender though.

Maybe a cubic radial array tweaked with an empty offset for the arms. Then attach to the hexagonic shape shown.

in site i gave the first script at top is in Pascal
so will try to port that one in blender and see what it gives

will work on it mostly this weekend and see what i can get

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did a first pass and beginning to work
but no thickness - not certain it will add this

will continue this weekend

have to remove the last edge i guess !

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You mentioned matlab. Is it this?

I don’t have matlab. Not that familiar with it.

yes i ported the Pascal script to python
not easy to do but beginning to work now LOL

will continue and see what else can be done

would like to port the one from Matlab but don’t know how to port it
anyone can help with that conversion ?


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If you look at Luxxeon3d’s tutorial, it begins with a “gengon” which can be modified to, essentially, a truncated triangle, beveled on the corner vertices and extruded on the z axis. After that, an archimedes spiral is applied to each of the short (square) faces, starting as shown here and then a shape, I’ve tried a wireframe cube converted to a poly curve with poor results. Seems like a lot of work.

i think i already done a thick spiral
have to find it
and may be modify my algo to make a triskelion

don’t know any modifier that would do that

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Here’s what I’ve got so far using this method.

The edges don’t quite line up yet. Lots of fiddling for that to work, but,
it looks quite close.

Less fiddling than I thought:

that would be an equal width spiral !

found a trick to make a double helix
just go into normal mode extrude and scale it up
and you get a double spiral

that might be possible with the addon

you can also add a curve spiral then add extrude bevel
and you get a constant width spiral

but do you need a constant width spiral ?

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